Bad Night for Games

This post is part of my Ramblings on Games» Went to visit friends last night, like I try to do most Fridays. We generally play games and visit, and eat cheese. The cheese is important. We have only been doing it a couple of decades now, so we already know … Continue reading

Monthy Comic Shipment

I finally got my monthly shipment of comics from Mile High Comics. I do not particularly like getting all my comics once a month, rather than every week or so, but the local shop closed several years ago and at the time I did not make the drive to other … Continue reading

I survived, sort of.

This post is part of my Ramblings on Games» It was a pretty good weekend, except for the parts that weren’t. I guess that technically fits all weekends, but at least most of this one was good. Well okay, most of it wasn’t really good. It just wasn’t bad. Some … Continue reading