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While reading over at, I followed some links to a couple of commercials for Barack Obama. The first is from the Obama website and it exemplifies most of the reason I am voting for him. It is 2 minutes of him talking about the country and what his plans are to get up back on the right track if he is elected president.

The second video is a bit more humorous. And much more painful, as it points out many of the problems with the country right now. It is from 60Frames and stars the same guys that were in the Budweiser wazzup ad. This one is not from Anheuser-Busch, which is not surprising considering where Cindy McCain gets her millions, but otherwise it is very recognizable.

The two ads are obviously not going for the same demographics, which shows the broad appeal of the Obama/Biden campaign and the narrow base of McCain/Palin.

That same broad appeal is also a danger for Obama. If he wins the election with any kind of mandate, it is imperative that he and Congress actually deliver on at least some of their promises. They will be handicapped by the ongoing economic crisis, but that is also the first place they can show leadership.

Obama winning the election will probably ease some of the current fears in the market, but who he would chose for his cabinet would be even more telling. Listening to his advisers like Buffet and Powell and picking the right Treasury Secretary, National Security Advisor, and Secretary of State, will ease all kinds of fears and nerves, all over the world. If, on the other hand he picked someone out in left field, it would probably be catastrophic.

I have faith that Obama will choose his cabinet wisely if he wins the election. He has already shown a talent for surrounding himself with able men and women and listening when they offer advice. In the complicated world we live in, that is the probably the best talent that an intelligent POTUS can have.

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