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I have only been on Twitter for about a month and a half now, don’t have many followers, and am only following a few dozen people. I started using it because of the Rick Sanchez (@ricksanchezcnn) news hour (Hey CNN, take an hour off of Situation Room and give it to Rick. He just gets going and has to stop.) and have been using it more and more ever since.

I started out using TwitterFox which is perfectly adequate for quite a bit. It makes it easy to do a quick tweet from your FireFox browser without having to switch applications. But when I started to expand my list of people I was following, I needed a bit more control. So I have been using TweetDeck the last couple of weeks. The ability to split replies up into groups is very handy, making it easier to follow conversations.

I think the major benefit of using Twitter is not just getting to interact with famous people. Most of them have so many followers that it is not likely they will actually respond to your message. Although sometimes they do. The major benefit is getting exposed to things you never would have known about otherwise.

Following Phil Plait (@BadAstronomer) lead me to Marian Call (@mariancall). Not only is she a wonderful singer, she is a geek:

Then there was this bit of social commentary by Louis CK, found and tweeted by Danielle Corsetto (@dcorsetto).

Following the Discovery Channel PR account, led to an interesting article on Dirty Jobs next episode this week. Then checking a string of replies from astronomy buffs, led to these great photos of a comet I had never heard of before.

So there is a lot of benefits to Twitter, makes me wonder what kind of things I missed before I joined.

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