Closing arguments on the way

I have been following the Minnesota Senate race for the last few weeks. Well, I guess it is actually months now. It has certainly been a long process, but it is really hard to complain too much about that, since they have been following procedures that need to take into account millions of votes.

There has not really been much on the court procedures the last few weeks, with most media having moved on from the election after Obama’s inauguration. But the one place I have been seeing some very good coverage is at Talking Points Memo.

Their coverage has been very thorough, covering court proceedings, and getting outside opinions on what those proceedings may mean. And they have followed the happenings outside of Minnesota as well.

To be fair, other new sites have articles on Minnesota as well. Both Politico and Huffington Post have articles on occasion. But only when something very distinctive happens. The day to day coverage at TPM helps keep the other articles in perspective. It is too bad that other places do not provide that kind of coverage for more stories.

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