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I have mentioned the benefits of being on Twitter before. I encountered another today, from the computer of @GottaLaff when I checked out a link to one of her posts at The Political Carnival. You never really know what you will find when you follow a link on Twitter, although I have not yet been RickRolled there, but I have enjoyed the writings of GottaLaff that I have already read, so it was not a big risk.

This particular post was mostly from an Op-Ed piece at the New York Times, so I went over there to read the original. I do not know just how accurate the piece is about the European point of view, since I do not live in Europe and have not been taking any polls there. But I do know a few Europeans, and while they feel that Bush did do a few decent things, they mostly think that Obama is a huge improvement, both for their nations and for the United States.

I have to say that for me personally, the article is accurate, as far as it goes. I do feel proud of our President. And I have a great deal of faith in him and his leadership. This doesn’t mean I think he is the “messiah” or he can do no wrong. He has some positions I disagree with, and he has made some mistakes already. But it does mean I think he has the ability to lead us, and show us as a nation, how to be a better than we are.

I just hope that when he makes a big mistake, which I am afraid is inevitable, it will not cause the faith and hope he instills in so many around the world to backlash. We are always hardest on our leaders when they fail us, and the greater the hope we feel, the lower the depths we fall to. And in over thirty years of following politics, I can not remember anyone instilling so much hope and optimism in so many people.

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