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Well, new words from me at any rate. I just looked at my front page and it has been 3 months since I posted anything. It certainly doesn’t feel as though I have been silent so long. And it certainly is not because I have been so busy with real life, quite the opposite in fact.

I did mess my back up Memorial Day weekend, and the drugs I was on made the next two weeks disappear even more quickly then normal. The rest of the time, I have no excuse for. Not that there was a huge audience to disappoint here anyway.

I did re-read all of the Vorkosigan books during that period. While not horribly productive, it was certainly a great deal of fun. Well, actually, I am still in the process of reading Mirror Dance. It is the most difficult for me to read for some reason.

There is certainly enough in the political sphere to warrant attention here. From the lies being spread about the healthcare plans, to the idiocy of the Birthers, to the voting on Judge Sotomayor, there is plenty that I could comment on. But I have found that just reading the stories and seeing the clips from the news shows just wears me out. I see the politicians and talking heads spreading misinformation and outright lies, and I get angry at them. And I get angry at the supposed journalists that don’t challenge them on the lies. By the time I am done, I am too disgusted to write anything myself.

Then there is gaming. I have not been able to visit my friends to play board games recently, I have been saving the money. I have been playing City of Heroes and EVE Online. Thank goodness for annual subscriptions, or I would have had to let both of them go also.

The Mission Architect for City of Heroes has been a great deal of fun. While there are a lot of really bad stories, and a lot of farms, overall it is a very nice addition to the game. There are some outstanding stories already created, and I am certain more will be added as more features and abilities are added to the system.

And of course, the big news for COH fans is the coming of two of the most requested things in the history of the game. Power customization and switching sides. I was not really too excited about the power customization in Issue 16 at first. But as I have played more of my alts, I keep finding things that I would like to change, to better fit the character concept and look. And the animation changes coming for Martial Arts and Super Strength are very welcome, giving each player with those powersets the ability to differentiate their character from others.

I started out excited about Going Rogue and being able to switch sides. I have characters on both blue and red sides that can easily fit moving into the grey, or even out right switching. I created them with that idea in mind, some over 5 years ago when I started playing the game. It has taken a long time to get here, but I have had a lot of fun waiting.

Well, I will try to be a bit more proactive about posting here.

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