Marian Call is Really Something Fierce

As I have mentioned before here, I am a fan of singer/songwriter Marian Call (@mariancall). I first reviewed two of her albums back in March of 2009. They were the only ones she had out at the time, and they really stuck with me. Then I reviewed Something Fierce, her third album, in February of this year. (Ignore the first few paragraphs, do down, read about and stream the album.) And not long after, I finally got to see her in concert over a couple of days in Atlanta, GA. I also got to see her sing in Cleveland, OH, on August 26, backed by Seth Boyer (@sethboyer), with some help from a young group named Lumpia (@LumpiaBand). (I am going to get a review of the concert and some pictures up eventually. I hope.)

Ms. Call has had an incredibly busy year. Besides her full tour schedule around North America, mostly driving everywhere, she set up and ran a very successful Kickstarter campaign, with a second website that is still in use for promoting the re-release of her Something Fierce album. Fans can go to the Adventure Quest website and find a daily quest to complete leading up to the album’s release on November 13. It is a bit late in the game, but you can still participate, as long as you get everything done by the 13th.

Some of the quests are not too difficult, like the first one at The Insomnia Radio Network, or the second at either If My Thought-Dreams Could Be Seen, Anansi’s Web, or Whedonopolis. Then there are some real challenges, at least for me, like using ? for commenting on the Album Premiere page at American Songwriter. But even if you don’t want to give the quest a try, you should check out Something Fierce. As time has passed, my opinion of it has only grown.

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