Making Me Happy: Words

This was a hard week. Not only did I have to return to work after being off for two weeks, I had to do it with a nasty head cold that turned into a chest cold. Definitely not an easy week to be happy. But there were some things that helped mitigate the bad.

The first thing that helped was the final show of Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars from the Thrilling Adventure Hour. It was bittersweet, because it was the last show and it is one of my favorite podcasts. But Ben Blacker (@BenBlacker) and Ben Acker (@bnacker) did a great job with the ending, with lots of laughter and love. I’m going to miss the show, but it went out with style.

The other thing that helped make the week bearable was a direct result of my vacation. Books, lots and lots of books. I’ve devoured books 2, 3, and 4 of Gail Carriger‘s (@gailcarriger) Parasol Protectorate series. 2 Kris Longknife books and 2 Vicki Peterwald books from Mike Shepherd, and the latest books in Jack Campbell‘s Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier and The Lost Stars series. Not to mention Naomi Novik‘s (@naominovik) newest book, Uprooted. And I almost forgot Jean Johnson‘s (@JeanJAuthor) last 2 Theirs Not to Reason Why books, as well as the first book in her 1st Salik War series, The Terrans. And S.M. Stirling‘s The Golden Princess, next to latest in his Emberverse books.

I really feel like I’m forgetting something in that last paragraph. To be honest, I started on the books before my vacation ended, but I’m really not sure which books I read when, so I’m lumping them all in together for last week. Because I read several of them in that period and they definitely made me happy while I did that.

Got it, forgot Elizabeth Moon‘s (@emoontx) Crown of Renewal and Felix Francis‘ (@felix_francis) Damage.

So that is what made me happy this last week. Lots and lots of words, put together be many people to take me to other worlds. Which I needed, a lot.





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