I didn’t want this kind of news…

When I go to various news sites, I want to know what is going on. I am helping the sites justify their existence in that way. I figure that can help build up some good karma, which I certainly need. But today, when I went to check out a news site I only visit every couple of days, I found out something I didn’t want to hear, that Geoff Johns is leaving JSA with issue #26.No this isn’t earth shattering news. But it is disappointing news. I have been reading JSA since Johns took over, and it has consistently been one of the best mainstream comics out there. His handling of characters from Jay Garrick, to Maxine Hunkel, to Damage, has been top notch. He took bits and pieces from the history of the DC universe and wove them together, making them part of a tapestry, rather then curiosities.

So it is sad to hear that he has given up the book he has used to enrich the DC universe to well. There is a silver lining of course. He will continue on Green Lantern, and will be working on Superman: Secret Origin, Blackest Night, and Flash: Rebirth.

I admit I am ambivalent about the Flash project. One the one hand, Barry Allen staying dead helps the idea that actions have consequences in the DC Universe. He heroically gave his life saving the Multi-verse and bringing him back will lessen that. On the other hand, Barry is very different from most of the frontline heroes in DC. He has always felt more everyday and down to earth, and having someone like that can be a help in stories. On the gripping hand, I think Geoff Johns can use him to tell one hell of a story.

I am looking forward to Superman: Secret Origin. Johns has shown great skill in working with the origins characters and making them more detailed and richer. The fact that he gets to add Superboy back in, and is covering the Legion, makes me think this will be a real treat.

Blackest Night is probably the most anticipated story coming out of DC this next year. After the Sinestro war, and the slow introduction of the various spectrum warriors, I would say that there are few DC fans that don’t want to see this one.

Of course, when something like this happens, rumors immediately start about who is taking over and what the creator will be doing in the future. Johns says he will end 2009 writing 3 ongoing series. Green Lantern will be his only ongoing after he leaves Action and JSA, so he will be picking up a couple somewhere. There seem to be quite a few people hoping he will be writing Flash and a new Legion series. His use of the Legion in Action certainly makes that prospect appealing. But I wouldn’t be adverse to seeing him on JLA either. Just have to wait and see.

Another rumor has also started about who will be taking over JSA. Based soley on the fact that the new creator asked Johns’ blessing before accepting the job, some have decided it could be Gail Simone. As far as I know, there are no facts to base this on, but I like the idea, so will be helping spread the rumor here.

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