Let him decide…

As the inauguration gets closer, and Obama makes his choices for cabinet positions and other important jobs in his administration, more and more people are complaining. I do not believe a single choice has been met with unanimous approval from anyone, except for maybe the press, since it gives them something to talk about. My opinion? (Hey, it is as valid as anyone else’s.) Let him decide who he wants.

I don’t mean let the unqualified (just had 8 years of that thanks) or criminal (ditto) take the jobs. But none of the people that Obama has nominated come close to that. They have been uniformly intelligent, informed people, most of whom have extensive background in the area he has chosen for them.

I don’t agree with all of his choices. Nothing against Hillary, but I think Bill Richardson would have been a kick-ass Secretary of State. I think he will also do well at Commerce, where his background also works well. And in 8 years (I hope) there will be changes in who is where in the cabinet. That is pretty normal.

What I am finding annoying are the people saying that Bill’s donation list could cause problems with Hillary being Secretary of State. Or the Republicans on Holder’s role in the Clinton pardon of Marc Rich. I do not agree with either of these people on everything, but none of the information I have seen comes close to being enough to disqualify them from the offices they are nominated for.

The same goes for Salazar having close ties to the oil industry, or Mary Schapiro being too mild to effectively turn around the SEC. Maybe these are the wrong people for the jobs. Maybe not. I am not the President Elect, I don’t have the same information about them he does, and I don’t think it is a good idea to second guess him.

I do not say this because I think he can do no wrong. He can, and has made mistakes, witness the current brouhaha about Rick Warren. I think he should get exactly who he wants right now, because of the present world situation.

Obama is going into office with not just the US economy in trouble, but the entire world economy in the tank. We are involved in 2 wars, with people dying every day, and our standing in the world is extremely low. I do not feel the President of the USA is leader of the free world. A few decades ago, that title was much more appropriate, but, until a few years ago, he was definitely first among equals.

If Obama is going to take on all the problems facing him, and restore at least some of America’s standing in the world, he should have everything we can give him to do that. That means oking the people he has chosen to work with him. Even if we do not like everything about them or their positions. There will be plenty of time to Monday morning quarterback later. And I am certain there will be plenty of it, no matter how things turn out.

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