Monthy Comic Shipment

I finally got my monthly shipment of comics from Mile High Comics. I do not particularly like getting all my comics once a month, rather than every week or so, but the local shop closed several years ago and at the time I did not make the drive to other towns to find a shop there. In the years since, I have found a couple of shops in nearby towns but Mile High is doing well enough to keep my business.

My reading list has changed over the years, mostly super-heroes, although I do pick up the occasional non-super title. And I read from a variety of companies, the exact mix depending on what I feel like reading that is being published. These days it is mostly DC Comics, with some odds and ends from other publishers. I am not reading anything from Marvel on my monthly list these days. Not because I hate Marvel, but simply because of economics. I have been liking the DC books more since Infinite Crisis and One Year Later.

I do pick up trades of the Ultimate Marvel books, and the current Captain America run. Ed Brubacker is doing a great job on that title. And I will be checking out the trades for Captain Britain and MI13 and for the current run of Thor. I have been hearing really good things about them and am looking forward to reading the stories.

Other non-DC books I am reading include Angel: After The Fall and Buffy: Season Eight. I was a fan of both shows when they were on and have mostly been enjoying the continuing stories in the comics. I also follow PS238 by Aaron Williams. I had heard about it on a message board and picked up the first trade at Origins a couple of years ago. After I read part of it, I picked up the other trades that were out before the end of the convention. Then added it to my pull list when I got home.

I picked up The Boys after reading about it on Newsrama and because I have liked [W: Garth Ennis] in other works. It is a super-hero comic, but not like most of them. I am afraid it is a more accurate protrayal of what the world would be like if super-heroes were possible than most attempts. It is certainly filled with more bloody violence and sex than most.

Enough for now. I will talk about the DC stuff and some specifics in later posts. Not that they will be particulary timely posts, since I don’t get my issues until long after the show at local stores. But that is the beauty of personal blogs. They don’t have to be timely.

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