A Weekend In Atlanta, GA

So something else has occurred in my life to write about. I got to do something I haven’t done in quite a long while, visit a new place and explore for a while. The place obviously is Atlanta, GA. I not only got to go there, I had 48 hours to look around and see what was there. That might not sound like much, but for a truck driver, it is a lot. There have been many times I didn’t get that much time at my home for a weekend.

The weekend was both wonderful, and not so wonderful, well actually parts were outright bad. But I can say, only one of the bad parts was the fault of anything actually associated with Atlanta, and I could have avoided that if I had planned better.

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Blowing Off the Dust with Music

Wow, almost 2 1/2 years since I posted anything here. Makes me wonder why I have kept the back-end stuff all up to date. But if I hadn’t I would have had to do it all when I decided to write this. Not that many folks will see it, but a few of you might.

And what is it that is motivating me to once again take a chance on making a fool of myself by trying to string together words coherently? Music. Some of the best music I have heard. Ever.

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Dealing with Spam: Plugins and Outside Services

While I have not been writing many posts here, I have been keeping up with the behind the scenes maintenance stuff. Keeping WordPress updated, dealing with spam buildup, updating plugins, dealing with spam buildup, updating themes, dealing with spam buildup, figuring out how to run PHP5 on this blog, and finally, dealing with spam buildup.

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How Shiny Is It? COH Issue 16 Reflections

It has been over a month since my post about the upcoming move of Issue 16: Power Spectrum to the live servers. And just short of a month since the actual release. I thought I would talk about how things look at this point, since the Issue was very large and anticipated by so many players.

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Oooo Shiny! City Of Heroes: Issue 16 Power Spectrum

With the pre-release download and the warning on the forums about an upcoming freespec (Free power respecification for all characters, for those who don’t speak the COH dialect of English.) it looks like Issue 16: Power Spectrum is just about ready to hit the live servers.  It hit Open Beta on the Test server on August 26, so this is about right in the usual schedule. Having played with it for a little while in Closed Beta and more so in Open, I can say it is a lot of fun.

I spent most of my time either checking out the new colorization and/or animation choices or a couple of the new powersets that were moved around. I also spent a little bit of time looking at the new difficulty system that was added, but not that much.

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Open Letter to the President

So I was reading news again today. It was fairly depressing, which is not too unusual unfortunately. But I saw this article on the Huffington Post and was inspired to write one of my periodical letters to the White House. I know the President never actually sees anything I write, but I figure someone adds up the numbers of supporters and/or commenters about various things, so I can at least make my opinion known.

Then I thought, well, I can also let my opinion be known other places, so here is my latest missive to the man in the Oval Office.

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Sitting at home

This is not where I want to be at all. Just sitting at home, reading various news sites and considering playing a game, but not really feeling like it. I finally figured out why I have been feeling this way.

My sister left Monday, with her daughter, to drive to California so that my niece can meet one of her grandparents. Yesterday, they went to Arches National Park. They are planning on doing a few other things along the way, maybe Bryce Canyon NP, Hoover Dam, Malibu Beach, the coast highway from LA to the Bay area. And that is just on the trip out. What they see depends on what they feel like doing and how much time they want to take.

At the same time, there is in Montreal, Quebec, the Anticipation Worldcon. Since I started going to Worldcons in 1994, I have missed Glasgow in 1995 and Nippon in 2007. And I at least made the NASFIC in 2007. But not this year.

There is fun going on on both ends of the continent and I sit in the middle and miss it. No wonder I don’t feel like doing anything.

But this too shall pass. Things will eventually get better, and I will be able to once more travel and go to conventions. Probably not in time to make AussieCon next year, but maybe I can make it to Raleigh for the NASFIC.

Healthcare Crisis?

Well, the news of the day seems to be about the current attempts to get healthcare reform through Congress. Not surprising, it affects pretty much everyone in the country to some extent, which means all the news channels know they have an audience. And there are those doing everything they can to bring even more attention to it, using any method they can think of.

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Open Letter To Ohio’s Senators

I was getting my morning news when I came across an article about the Senate and the “Cash for Clunkers” program funding. I didn’t like what I read, so I wrote the following email to both of my Senators here in Ohio. I expect at most a form letter in return, but maybe it will nudge them in the right direction.

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Something New

Well, new words from me at any rate. I just looked at my front page and it has been 3 months since I posted anything. It certainly doesn’t feel as though I have been silent so long. And it certainly is not because I have been so busy with real life, quite the opposite in fact.

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