Franken Stealing the Election?

If you are a conservative “journalist” there is no question mark at the end of that sentence. Instead it is an exclamation point. Or in l33t, !!!1!!1!.  For anyone else, that actually knows how to read and is honest about the facts, it is a question you ask with a disbelieving lilt to your voice.It is bad enough to see people complaining about the recount process in Minnesota, comparing it to the fiasco in Florida in 2000. It was nothing like that, it was a transparent recount, conducted by a non-partisan board, according to the laws of the state. And Coleman is contesting the election under those same laws.

It appears he is doing so with the backing of some high powered Republicans, possibly with the motive of keeping the Democrats from getting another vote for as long as possible. The fact that Coleman is stretching things out when he is very unlikely to win makes his claims about being concerned with his constituents not being represented very hard to believe.

That brings up the earlier mentioned “journalists” that are pushing the idea that Franken stole the election.  Media Matters reports on and debunks two of the usual suspects, Anne Coulter and Rush Limbaugh. But there are plenty of others out there, like O’Reilly ([amazon-product text=”Cant imagine why he doesn’t like Al.” type=”text”]0452285216[/amazon-product]) and Dick Morris. As Joe Conason says in his Salon article, they need to put up or shut up. But they won’t follow that advice. If they did, they would have to shut up, since there is no evidence for them to put up.

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