City of…Salesmen?

I play the MMO City of Heroes. Started the first day it was released and have been on it ever since. I don’t always play a lot, but I do like jumping on and beating up villains from time to time. Or beating up heroes, if I feel like being a villain at the moment. (Mayhem missions are much more fun than Safeguard missions.)So they recently released a game client for the Mac. This does not really affect me, since I am on a Windows machine. But they have done a couple of ads to use in pushing the new client to a new audience. This one was just released and I had to share.

An obvious parody of the I’m a Mac/I’m a PC commercials, but in a fun way. The first one is also quite funny.

And if you are not a player, you should check it out. Easy game and very friendly to casual players. The forums are even friendly to visit.

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