More Plugins for Blogrolls

Too many plugins from developers and too much writing from me left me with the necessity of doing another post. The first part is not really surprising, the only constant about the plugin directory at WordPress is that it is always growing. As for the second part, what can I say. I want to give a somewhat complete overview of the plugins, and for some of them that requires a lot of words. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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WP Blogroll Plugins

Blogrolls and links to other sites are an important part of the blogging world. We share our interests and places we think are neat with our reader, and hope others will do the same with our site. The basic Links widget that comes with WordPress only allows you to display the links in your Blogroll separated by the category they are in. You can’t change the name or the order of the display. It is not a bad list by any means, just very limited. There are plenty of plugins out there that go beyond those limits.

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8 Post Plugins for WordPress

Going back to the reader’s side this time, I will look at some plugins that help you keep posts in front of their eyes.  The most important thing about the post is that the writing and content are good. But if it is from very far back in time how to get it somewhere your readers can see it. Well, the trusty plugin developers of the WordPress world are up to the task.

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WordPress hates me.

So I decide to do a clean install of WordPress to take care of some database issues. Or at least lessen them. I have done something like 5 installs, including moving 3 blogs, in the last month, so no big deal, just go through it step by step. That was 5 hours ago, I have installed it 4 times, including creating 3 new databases. Thank god for backups. Of course, I don’t think it helped. I hate incompatible plugins.

And I do not even have all of them re-installed yet.


Behind the Scenes: 7 WP Dashboard Plugins

Everyone can see things like what ads you are running, or what your contact form looks like. They may not know what plugin you are using, unless you allow the linkbacks that some developers put in, but the effects of those plugins are quite apparent. But there are a lot of plugins that are made for the admins of WordPress blogs, to make things easier to run. I thought I would look at a few of those this time.

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Bad Night for Games

Went to visit friends last night, like I try to do most Fridays. We generally play games and visit, and eat cheese. The cheese is important. We have only been doing it a couple of decades now, so we already know what everybody thinks about most things, but we say it anyway.

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Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

One of the things most of the how-to and MMO blogs stresses is the necessity of having a contact form. It is not quite as necessary for a personal blog, although it could be useful, but for those serious about making money, a way for people to contact you besides commenting on a post is absolutely required. But how to enable that contact? Continue reading


Plugin Developers, thanks. But

I have been looking at a lot of plugins lately, as you can see from my posts. I have noticed something about most of the plugins I look at that is very annoying. I was thinking about posting this today, when I checked my RSS reader and found the post from about there being 4000 plugins in the directory as of today. He then posts on the WordPress Blog that today is Thank a Plugin Developer Day. Well, I do thank them. But I also have a bone to pick.

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I was wrong about the definition of bi-partisan

At least according to the Republicans I have been seeing on the news programs today. On CNN earlier, and just now on Hardball on MSNBC, there were 2 Republican congressmen (Hey, media, where are the Democrats for balance?) talking about their meeting today with Obama on the stimulus bill. They liked him a great deal. But not the stimulus bill.

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

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