Have you ever thought about makes someone really attractive to you? Not just physically attractive, but that something more that keeps you coming back.  I am not an expert on relationships, or attractiveness, but I have at least started figuring out what it is that really makes a woman stand out for me. Continue reading

A Sad Failure of Principles?

The first line in this story from USA Today is a telling indictment of someone who is widely considered a man of honor. “Sen. John McCain is scheduled to visit Georgia on Thursday to campaign for GOP Sen. Saxby Chambliss, and Sarah Palin may not be far behind.” It is not the fact that McCain is stumping for a Republican that is a failure of principles. That is expected from the person considered to be the head of the party. It is the man he is stumping for that is the problem. Continue reading


Listening to Music

I like listening to music almost as much as I like reading books. I enjoy a variety of music, from all kinds of artists. People ask who is your favorite, and I find it impossible to answer. It depends entirely upon my mood at the moment. My playlist on my PDA includes Jimmy Buffett, Ray Charles, George Strait, the Nylons, and The Pipes & Drums, 1st Battalion Scots Guards. Continue reading


Election Day

Yes, I know this is a bit late. Everybody and their brother has been talking about Tuesday and Obama’s win. I had given some thought to driving over to Chicago and standing outside the fence at Obama’s party. But I figured that they wouldn’t call the election until late, and I would have a 4 or 5 hour drive home afterward. So I decided to call the local Obama campaign back and offer to work on the GOTV effort Tuesday, then get a pizza and watch MSNBC and CNN after the polls closed. Then I got a call on Monday afternoon that changed my plans.

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Obama’s infomercial

I guess I should mention this, since it was big news for the last day or so and will probably be news for most of today. It didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t know about Obama. I try to look at candidates and their positions before deciding who I will vote for. For those that are undecided or unsure about Obama, it probably did a good job helping them get to know him and his positions better. It may have helped some folks make up their mind or be more certain about their decision.

I think the one thing that really says it all about the current campaigns from both sides is this from TPM.

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Good news in Ohio

The Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner (D) has been having a bit of a tiff with the Republican Party the last month or so. They keep insisting that too many people are wanting to do radical things like vote in the General Election. Unlike her predecessor, she keeps telling them that, well, that is allowed, even if the voters are probably Democrats. So the two sides went to court until the US Supreme Court said the GOP was not actually allowed to go to court over the issue. Continue reading

Republican messages

The Republican party and McCain/Palin campaign have been really hitting things hard with their messages. It is apparent that they are really starting to feel the pressure of the polling numbers that are coming out daily. There is some movement in the polls, including some tightening of the race in the national numbers, but the state polls are not looking good for McCain and it is hurting the down ticket Republicans. Although several of them have managed to shoot their own foot, i.e. Michelle Bachman. Continue reading


2 views of Obama

While reading over at, I followed some links to a couple of commercials for Barack Obama. The first is from the Obama website and it exemplifies most of the reason I am voting for him. It is 2 minutes of him talking about the country and what his plans are to get up back on the right track if he is elected president. Continue reading